About Mellinda Abbott, CPA

Mellinda Abbott

Experience is what separates Mellinda from other CPAs

Prior to starting her CPA practice, Mellinda received extensive training working in the Boston office of Ernst & Young, one of the world’s leading accounting firms. Soon promoted to the E &Y Entrepreneurial Services Group, she discovered her passion for guiding entrepreneurs and helping small business.

Mellinda went on to executive positions in Fortune 100 companies. She provided leadership in multiple sectors as Corporate Controller, Plant Controller, and Manager of Worldwide Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis. She served on the management team that took Wang Corporation from bankruptcy to a five billion dollar company, in four years. This included twelve acquisitions and three divestitures, followed by the sale of the newly-configured business.

Understanding business from the inside

But at heart, Mellinda is an entrepreneur. Throughout her career she has acquired, merged, and sold many large and small businesses. Mellinda’s combination of public accounting, big corporate America expertise, and operational experience in small businesses, distinguishes her as a powerful and trustworthy advisor. She understands business from the inside.

Customized services at tax time—and all the time

Mellinda works with clients throughout the year to ensure maximum tax savings. Clients receive easy-to-understand, detailed explanations, organized to help manage their business effectively and efficiently.

Abbott & Company customizes services for every client, no matter what their business. Whether there are industry-specific challenges, compliance needs, or industry standard tax practices, ensuring clients’ financial growth is a top priority.

Wedding of Ali Massarotti, client

Wedding of Ali Massarotti, client

Expertise in major life and business events

Mellinda takes a special interest in navigating the changes that major life events bring. Whether a client is getting married, welcoming a new baby, or going through a divorce, they need a financial expert in their court. And on the business side, major transitions such as succession planning, mergers, and relocations, all require sharp strategies and advocacy. Abbott & Company is a dedicated ally throughout all these events.

A genuine relationship with Abbott & Company

Mellinda fosters personal relationships with her clients. But that was not always true. Her early training in public accounting taught her that a personal connection with a client was unacceptable. But as Mellinda built her own accounting firm, she and her team discovered that building genuine relationships with clients was important. In addition, it was one of the most satisfying aspects of the work.

Close to the heart

Helping clients achieve their financial goals is at the heart of Abbott & Company. And getting to know the clients helps the staff provide the best possible service. Clients have Mellinda’s guarantee of expert, timely, personalized attention. And she cares. You might find Mellinda or her staff making a house call to a client who has fallen ill, welcoming a new baby, or attending a client wedding.

Bailey, the family labradoodle

Bailey, the family labradoodle

On a personal note

Born and raised in the greater Boston area, Mellinda earned her bachelor’s degree in Accounting and her MBA from Bentley University. She is a member of the Massachusetts Society of CPAs and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. She serves on multiple non-profit Boards spanning health, education, and economic development. She lives with her three children and her labradoodle, Bailey. Mellinda enjoys travel, reading, and everything outdoors.