Our Work

Shannon Kelly Gilmour
Principal, Grace Interiors
Mellinda’s guidance gives a personal touch to her professionalism. As my advocate and advisor, she asks the right questions and targets ways to maximize time and profits with better solutions for spending and saving.

Edward P. Hassey, DMD
Hassey Dental Associates
I have put my financial trust in Abbott & Company for over a decade from managing my cash flow to filing my tax returns. They have always been proactive to the needs of my small business.

Nicholas Ferbert
Financial Consultant, AXA Advisors LLC
Mellinda Abbott is a highly professional and knowledgeable partner of mine who cares deeply for her clients. Her focus on thoroughness, client experience, and communication sets her apart in her industry, and the subject-matter expertise she brings to the table is excellent. I have full trust in her guidance and integrity and know from experience that she is truly looking out for her clients.

Alexandra Massarotti

Mellinda and Larry were essential in getting our financial procceses in order as our company grew exponentially in the last year. Larry was quick to resolve 2016 taxes while Mellinda and her team worked with us to ensure 2017 filing was timely. We are now confident that as our company grows, our financials will be manageable making for a streamlined tax season in future years!

Juliet Leydon
Working with Mellinda and Abbott & Company has been such a godsend, for both my family and my business. Mellinda is one of my Favorite Folks and the one person I recommend to all of my clients, family and friends for tax and accounting services. If Abbott and Company can straighten out our hot mess, then no doubt they can help you too! Mellinda is direct, compassionate, no-nonsense, non-judgmental and professional. I can’t say enough good things about her. Call Abbott and Company immediately to set you on the right path!

Neil and Hannah

Abbott and Company have been preparing our tax returns efficiently for nearly ten years, but that tells only half the story. Mellinda has patiently steered us through the complications of rental property, home offices, capital gains, and the sale of our house. And once, when we made a careless mistake and stood to lose several thousand dollars, she sprang to action and tirelessly sorted things out. For a couple who are pretty naïve about financial matters, Mellinda’s been a godsend!

Paul Rennert
President & CSO, Aleta Biotherapeutics
As a small company with big goals we rely on the support we receive from Mellinda and her team. Abbott and company handle all of our financial transactions, but also does much more. Because Abbott & company can manage diverse interactions – payroll, insurers, taxes, etc., my team (pictured) is free to focus on developing novel cell therapies for the treatment of cancer.